Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Create a Vegetable Garden

Nowadays, people wants to set up vegetable garden close to their home and it is becoming popular hobby, but a lot of people have the problem that they have never did vegetable gardening before.It can  seem complicated, but it is actually simple once you jump in. The process can be easy to carry out, step by step process it is easily achievable.

The first step is arrange the plan, here are some consideration that you will to include in your planning exercise:
1. Specify size of vegetable patch you intend to set up
2. All tools you will use to create the growing area
3. Choose the vegetables you intend to grow  and how you are going to plant them.
4. How you protect against threats like: birds that may eat your seed and parasites that may infect your plants.

These factors is important, if you are unprepared for just one step the whole project will be fail. Each step interlinked will all others, so all are as important as each other. Next to the actions, when you are creating vegetable garden you can do this with manual tools or use automatic garden machinery for saving your time. The main piece of machinery that will be useful to you in setting up a vegetable garden will be the rotavator.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How to Make an Organic Garden

How to make an organic garden is a question that arises frequently these day, there are 7 basics steps to make an organic garden

1. You need to know what organic produce will grow best there.
2. Your plants needs good soil drainage, so you must choose a location that never standing water. Check to see if the plants will protected from the wind.
3. One of the basic things you will do in your organic garden is to feed the soil so the soil can feed your plants. So, you need to test the soil for you organic garden.
4. In ordering the seeds, make sure you order certified organic seed. You also need to order onions, garlic, and marigold flower, these plants can be the first line defense for your organic garden from the pest attack.
5. Prepare the organic garden bed, remove the grasses or work in organic fertilizer.

How to Build a Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening  is a good way to growing a plant. We will easy to manage, very adaptable, and it will give you high quality foods.

A square foot unit with size 16 sq ft it's enough to holds about 130 plants and produces enough vegetables for one person . All you need to build a square foot garden are space for square foot beds,fertile soil, compost and also experience and knowledge. Choose a good site to build square foot garden, what's the criteria? Lots of sunshine and lots and lots of that well-drained, rich, loamy soil.

The soil under a lawn is usually quite good, so take up a bit of lawn if you like. You can use a sharp spade to cut through the turf: use your foot make vertical cuts, slicing it up into one-foot squares, then peel the squares off like a carpet. Then, take off a couple of inches, pile the squares in a block, grass-side down, wet thoroughly as you go, cover the top with a garbage bag to keep it moist, and it will rot down into a useful supply of well-drained, rich, loamy soil.

If you have some suitable garden space with fairly good soil you've been using for growing, use that. If all you have is some rough, hard ground, don't despair, it will do, with a bit more trouble. Put some pegs in the ground and use string to mark where the beds will be (include a 15" path space round the beds), and then cover it with a thick layer of hay, grass clippings, dead leaves, anything that'll make a good mulch. Make it at least six inches thick; if it sinks, add more. Keep it well-watered, and don't let anyone walk on it. After a few weeks the ground will be much softer. Scoop off the mulch (you can use it later in the garden or in the compost), and you can begin.

If you don't have mulch, use an old carpet, or lots of newspapers or cardboard cartons, or even garbage bags. Give the surface a good sprinkling first (not enough to puddle or muddy it). Keep checking to see the soil is moist, sprinkle again if not.

You can also use this method to prepare lawn for growing beds rather than removing the turf, though it'll take a while. Carpets work well.